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Operating an office can be quite complex without the proper equipment and infrastructure. The lifeblood of any company is communications and cabling is it’s backbone. Whether your network is completely hardwired or wireless, cabling will always be a factor. Future proof your office’s wiring by upgrading from cat5e to cat6 or even cat7 cabling. Control your phone lines with one of our legacy or hosted IP telephone systems, add a voicemail and manage your messages. Make any mobile phone an extension of the office phone system—complete with call handling features and speed dials.

No more giving out personal reach numbers. Know that when customers call, they are dialing your business numbers, not your employees' personal numbers. Take it one step further and add a custom message on hold and advertise to your clients that are on hold! Need to record calls for quality assurance? Looking to watch your business from your phone, laptop or tablet? Need more cellphone signal in your office? We have all this and more at Cotel Business Solutions!

Got a great grocery, bargains at the bodega , radical retail or a delicious deli and would like to improve service? Start off with a Point Of Sales system to organize your operations. Maintain inventory, employee time and making checkout easier are just a few of the wonderful things our systems, even weighing out items! Scan IDs and keep minors away from items they shouldn’t purchase. Process credit cards with our merchant account. Keep a watch for thieves and employee shrinkage with a camera system that can be viewed from many internet ready devices. Hook up music on hold device to your phone system and you have your custom message for people placed on hold. Want to hook up overhead speakers for a musical ambiance? We can do that as well as all of the cabling in between!

Do you have your own eatery or planning to start one? Call Cotel for our solutions for your business. Whether it is a cozy café or a fine dining, we have the answer to your technological needs. Our Point of Sales systems will help you take orders, manage your inventory and help track your sales. Process credit cards with ease with our integrated merchant services. Watch your location from many internet ready devices as well as on site. The phone system lets you communicate with your customers and employees. An additional paging system allows you to announce messages in loud areas. A custom message helps you further reach your callers by giving them more information while they are on hold. Not only do we offer all of these services but we also run the cabling to make all of your connections and more! Call Cotel Business Solutions today and see how we can help you! Learn more about our products:

Supermarkets are visited by many people for food, supplies and a variety for drinks. Why not manage your location with our business solutions? From cameras, to Point of Sales terminals to the telephone system and all the wiring in between, we are the best choice! Picture this. A client walks in, and is watched by your camera system from the moment they enter till the moment they checkout via multiple cameras and even one hidden at the checkout lane disguised as the lane sign. A message comes on from the overhead speakers on regular intervals announcing the specials of the week along with any other message you wish to convey, another message is played for clients that called in, whom are placed on hold. ID’s are scanned, and items weighed at the counter. As well as your computer network running information over cat5e, cat6 cables or even fiber network. Cotel can make this happen for you!

The Taxi/ Livery industry is a huge part of how many people move on a daily basis. Time to upgrade your system? Need to add some new technology to your business? Talk to one of our custom integrators and see what our products can do for you. Whether upgrading your old system to the latest and greatest, adding a call recorder to assure accuracy or even a custom message to further advertise your services to clients on hold, Cotel is the one to go with. We also run cabling for data networks in cat5e, cat 6 or even fiber. Many dispatcher programs can be integrated as well. A camera system helps keep a watchful eye on your property and can be accessed from many internet ready devices. We also have cameras and DVR systems of cars well. Need to process credit card payments on the go? We have mobile merchant accounts for you!

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