Phone Systems

What is the one thing all businesses of all sizes have in common? Telephones! From a single line telephone to managing communications for over a thousand employees, businesses needs telephones to run their organization. Let Cotel help you find the perfect fit for you. We can help customize a package for you. Legacy to Hosted IP, single line to virtual numbers and even mobile SIP extension on your smart phone. Need a large voicemail to handle your messages, or just a simple solution for a phone or two? How’s about the ability to play music while being on hold? Step it up even further and have your own custom message! We also have many accessories to boost the functionality of your phone system such as a call recorder. Looking for options for your phone lines? Whether you are looking for legacy landlines or the latest in VoIP we have many solutions for you. We are authorized resellers for Verizon, Time Warner, Optimum and many SIP line providers. See what we can do for you and how we can save you money! Give us a call and see what Cotel can recommend for you!

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Security Systems

Let’s face it. You can’t be everywhere at once, but your camera system can! Have eyes and ears all over your location and remotely view it all from many internet enabled devices. One of the best instruments in crime prevention is a security camera system as a visual deterrent as well as an electronic witness. Help the police investigations, help protect yourself from frivolous law suits. Get yours today!



Got a great grocery, bargains at the bodega , radical retail or a delicious deli and would like to improve service? Do you have your own eatery or planning to start one? Whether it is a cozy café or a fine dining, we have the answer to your technological needs. Start off with a Point Of Sales system to organize your operations. Maintain inventory, employee time and making checkout easier are just a few of the wonderful things our systems, even weighing out items! Scan IDs and keep minors away from items they shouldn't purchase. Process credit cards with our merchant account.

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Signal Booster

Having a problem with your signal for your devices? Issues with dropped calls, spotty satellite services or fuzzy radio signals and want that problem boosted? Cellphones can drain battery if it is constantly looking for a signal. Cotel's cell phone signal boosters overcome the problem of dropped calls, limited range and slow data rates for cell phones and data cards by amplifying weak cellular signals. Our cell signal boosters are able to pick up weak cellular signals from a cell tower and transmit them to your cellular device, and then transmit a more powerful signal back to the tower. Cotel provides multiple solutions to significantly improve voice and data performance of all cellular devices on any network inside of buildings with weak signal. Large Building solutions are specifically designed for installation in a larger environment, such as a large home, a warehouse, or a multi-level building. WiFi hotspots helps you save money on data charges. You can improve your reception with an AM/FM Amplified Stereo Antenna. This multi-directional antenna has a built-in low-noise amplifier to boost even weak and distant signals for optimum reception. It incorporates air coil technology to isolate AM and FM components for maximum effectiveness, while reducing static and noise for interference-free reception. This air coil antenna differentiates between signal reflections and the main signal to prevent overload and multi-path difficulties. We even have a signal booster for your Satellite Radio.

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Paging Systems

Do people have difficulty hearing your call over the speakerphone? Sometimes not at all? Paging systems are great to communicate your message in loud and/or large situations. Kitchens can be hectic and orders sometimes aren’t heard, employees can sometimes miss a request for their presence and other mishaps due to a lack of proper paging equipment at auto shops and warehouses. We even have visual paging lights for those places that need to be quiet!

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Structured Cabling Network

The lifeblood of any company is communications and cabling is it’s backbone. Whether your network is completely hardwired or wireless, cabling will always be a factor. Future proof your office’s wiring by upgrading from cat5e to cat6 or even cat7 cabling. As technology grows by leaps and bounds, cat6 and cat7 will help you keep up with the future while adding the affordably of not having to change your wiring any time soon. Computer transmission speeds keep rising with every year that passes.

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